Behave nicely with others for a positive impression

We cannot deny the fact and purpose of the life to be happy always. For that, it is essential that you have to maintain your goodness consistently. If forever it is not possible, try to be at least eighty to ninety percent of the time. In reality, it is just the opposite. There are less compassionate approach and loveable gesture in the society. Who is responsible and what are the causes of this lack? Fundamentally, the person himself is the culprit for his less compassionate approach. Throughout the life, we want more happiness and less suffering. Even we don’t like to have sufferings at all. Whatever may be the social context, educational upbringing or ideologies you receive at your childhood or adulthood, the concept of your getting more happiness and no sufferings never gets diluted.


The conceptual understanding gets imbibed either being imparted by our parents or the guardians or we perceive the same based on our abilities. We want that all our desires must be fulfilled at any cost. Many times, it may not be possible and feasible, but still, we want the fulfillment of different wishes. In the midst of the vast universe with full of stars and planets, we live on the earth. We are in the surroundings of much grandeur; enliven things and provocation and amusement. Needless to say that we like to make our lives happy when we live, and so, it is imperative to know what makes us happy and how to increase the level of happiness.

To begin with, let you divide the happiness in two aspects. One is mental, and the other is physical. Out of these two fundamental and important aspects of life, the mental pattern of mind dislodges you most. Most of us cannot dwell on the present moment which is, by and large, is the most beautiful moment. Now, when you miss the present precious moment of wonderfulness, how you will be happy? The current moment of mind must be the influencing precursor so that you don’t destroy your happiness. Instead of that, we guide our thoughts or the same forces us to propel either to roam in the past sequence of incidents or to dwell on the future events.

Frankly speaking, both these patterns of minds influence on us are meaningless and cause our gloomy face. Then the question comes to the physical condition of our health. If we are not well as we are not getting the necessities of lives, our physical health plays a huge influencing factor in life. If the body is alright, we are in the midst of cheerfulness. You can notice yourself that how a healthy person’s face; he is always happy, humorous and enliven. Our minds register every moment of our life whether the same is related either to a serious issue or a trivial matter. Even the case is of a small nature; we must put adequate efforts to have enough mental peace. Some people are very calm in the midst of serious issues, but when they get small or trivial issues to solve, they become irritated and show frustration causing mental disharmony. The less harmony will lead to loss of peace, and the same will cause unhappiness. How can you get more mental peace? The greatest degree of inner tranquility comes from the development of loveable gesture, compassionate approach, and pleasant exchanges. In practical terms, you cannot utter sugar-coated words every time, but if you talk with a slightly loveable gesture and peaceful body posture, your mind will be in complete tranquility. It will attract others towards you.

To get happiness for yourself, care more for others happiness. In reality, we just do the opposite. In this way, you can not only induce the smile on other’s face but also you can increase your sense of well-being. When you inculcate a habit of compassionate approach and loveable gesture for others, you ensure the peace of your mind. It has to be. Psychologically, you cannot fight with a person if he says sorry with a laughing face. Similarly, if you apologize showing a sympathetic approach and smile to someone after you do a wrong thing, he cannot further humiliate you. In both ways, your peacefulness will get restored. Further, this gesture will eliminate whatever fear you do have or have got accumulated, and you garner strength and courage to combat your insecurities or any odd situation. It is the ultimate triumph card in your life. It’s hard to have a problem less life. You have to transcend many barriers in this journey. At that time, if we develop more insecurity feelings, we lose hope and become discouraged; our abilities to encounter the difficult situation will be less. On the other hand, you need to think that it is just common to face difficulties like others and develop enough strength to come out from the chaotic situations. If you become realistic, both the level of determination and confidence will go up, and you will not be afraid when difficulties trample you. Further, if you don’t lose your power of decision, every new problem will be an opportunity for you. That is why some people are celebrities although they also mostly perform lifestyle like you and me.

We need to, therefore, become more compassionate, and in this way, we can be more sympathetic to the sufferings of others, and you will take the lead to remove their pain. The outcome will be very positive as you will increase your serenity and strength. Why must we show a compassionate approach and do good to others? It brings the happiness of all. It is a fundamental need for all of us. It is the bonding force between you and your parents, neighbors, friends and your colleagues. You may be an expert in your professional field, but if you cannot develop this soft skill, your life will be dull and friendless. Sometimes, survival will be critical. If you have developed enough skill to make others happy, it will be a most prosperous life for you as everyone will help you whenever you need.

Interdependence is not a new aspect. It is a common phenomenon for our survival. It is not the question of human beings or a high level of individuals; even for an insect, without the help of others, survival will be critical. Irrespective of your status-quo in the society, your education, your name, fame and any other stigmas attached to you, it is must for getting others patronage and help. It ultimately depends on the level and intensity of our interconnectedness. To get love and spread the love so as to maintain a compassionate approach and loveable gesture, you need to ensure to increase your goodness. It must be the foundation stone of your life.


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