Most of us are aware of this fact, but still, we struggle between faith and faithlessness. If we are not able to pass an examination, we condemn ourselves, and also the system. As a sports person, if you lose a match, you become sad and curse on your efficiency level. Why is it so? Because we cling to the end results so much that we are not able to digest defeat. But if you have full faith in divine grace, and your ability, you will be full of courage, and you will not lose your confidence level. Even you are defeated more than once, even you fail to accomplish any feat, and your courage will not be a deterrent to moving forward in a positive direction. At the same time, if you lack in faith, and show despondency, then you become fearful of your own shadow. Finally, nothing in the world seems to be in hundred percent perfect conditions.

What is the relation between faith and a conscious life? There is an intimate bonding. Without belief or confidence in God’s mercy on you, your ability to perform any activity will not be effective. Further, without your respect to your parents and gurus, you won’t be in a position to have an active role in life.

A recent psychological study carried out at Princeton; New Jersey reveals that people, who are staunch supporters in the adage ‘to keep the faith,’ are mostly the star performers and they have a greater degree of emotional well-being for all the time. They are the firm believers of “I can do” approach than the people who lack faith. The clinical research proves that people with strong faith recover fast even they met with traumatic experiences.

They achieve more and in all their sufferings; they find a meaningful outcome for life’s journey. Many people do not accept this belief. They opine that faith has let them down because whatever helps they seek during the time of any accomplishment they contemplate, they have not received. Some of the people who are mentally not so strong do not take this trait into consideration as they feel it is not that helpful in their distress when they struggle for survival. They feel that keeping faith either of God or some persons is just like an illusion. Further, if these types of people lose some of their beloved persons or lose some assets or even get defeated in legal cases, they become depressed and want to remain in faithlessness mode for a long time. But after a considerable time gap, a few of these people get motivated out of the high loss and decide to move on a different path to find something new. At times, this discovery provides them a new ray of hope in life.

It is evident that the more we surrender to the Divinity, the more we become confident. If you are more prone to spirituality, you will never lack faith. Then you will rest assured that the best will happen to you. The limited perspective of the knowledge who we are and what is the purpose of our lives make us not to embrace the path of faith. One must acknowledge that the greatest crisis arises out of our inability for self growth, progress, and manifestation of truth. But if we have faith, we can achieve the above benchmark. By adopting individual approaches; you can build and preserve confidence in the

Firstly, you need to pray wholeheartedly and supplicate for His blessings so that you have more faith in

Secondly, you must surrender to the divine power with an urge that your said prayer will be heard

Thirdly, a maximum number of people have a deep conflict about faith as their mind is completely mixed with vested interests. They always debate about the importance of faith. In this process, they lose confidence. They are not able to receive the grace of divine.

Another important method to build faith is to observe oneself carefully and make a steadfast determination for the elimination of anti-divine forces that play inside us. Because of these forces, sometimes we cling to the faithlessness.  Further, we must curb our ego and bring a habit to show gratitude for whatever grace we receive from everybody, and are blessed with.

The journey of life is a colossal, full of thorns, struggles, and anxieties, and so we should have a rock solid faith to transcend all the barriers. If you can muster your courage and have this faith all the time, you will move inch by inch towards a conscious life. And a conscious life is an abode of divine grace.

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